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Jorge Elbrecht - A Mask in the Ash

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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday April 4, 2018

Billy Meschel - Today Has Been Cancelled
Wentworth-Brewster & Co. - Smoke Me, (I'm a Cigarette)
Mark Murphy - I Only Have Eyes For You
Terry Ayers - Flowers Bloom in Spring
Dulcimer - Fruit of the Musical Tree
Tole Puddle - Trilogy
G. S. Doorly - A Nautical, Nautical Song, Yo Ho!
Madden and Harris - The Wind at Eve
Donald Pleasance - Lonely Water
Sidney Sager (Mekon Edit) - Children of the Stones Theme
Daemonia Nymphe - Nymphs of the Seagod Nereus
Dolch - Stormdance - Autumn Kisses
Midwinter - Sanctury Stone
Althea & The Memories - The Worst Record Ever Made
Ruby Rats - Heatwave
R. Stevie Moore - Dewey Decimal System
Glenda Collins - Self Portrait
Molly Drake - Woods in May
Moe Tucker - Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
The Cavaliers - Pre-Match Tension/Robinson Moxon
EMS, Putney, London, UK - EMS Vocoder Demonstration
The Ullulators - Pineapple People
Prefab Sprout - Earth: The Story So Far
Amelia Fletcher - Can You Keep a Secret?
Helen Love - Girl About Town
Shampoo - Viva La Megababes
Vanilla - No Way No Way
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Sacrifice
Vulcan's Hammer - Fire and Wine
Spring - Grail
Klaus Doldinger - Wild Freshness
Uschi Moser - Sunny Honey
Unknown - Swing a Little, Kim a Little
Julee Cruise - Mysteries of Love