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Let's Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me

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7am Swim with Sperber Dan: May 20, 2017

We spoke with Laura Biding-Citizen about seeing the international space station tonight at 5pm spotthestation.nasa.govt We spoke to  Aidan Assist about the possibility of impeachment for Donald Trump, special guest Sandy Mill performed.

Ngawaiata Reihana, Cheyenne Naera, Tama Adams, Morgan Radovanovich, Crispin Yerkovich - Different Place
Jean Ferrat - Alleluia
Love Deluxe - Cool Breeze Over The Mountains
Nadia Reid - Reaching Through
Noel Pointer - Captain Jarvis
Little Bushman - Dream Of The Astronaut Girl
Suren Unka - 030
John Moreland - Ain't We Gold
David Adison - Deadfish
Common - Pyramids
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Susan
The Laurindo Almeida Trio - Chariots Of Fire
D. D. Sound - Disco Bass
Everything Is Recorded - Close But Not Quite (feat. Sampha)
The New Telepathics - Sky
Sandy Mill - Charade (live-to-air)
SJD - Bad Karma In Yokohama
Invisible Threads - Isle of the dead