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We're Hiring

We're looking for a new Creative Director. 

More than just copywriting our ads and promos, you'll be the tone gatekeeper of all output including marketing, social media, press releases and any other stuff we're spouting.  

The successful applicant will be very familiar with the sound of bFM & our creative policy and be able to engage with our sales staff & clients to maintain both to a high standard. 

You'll also be organised, meticulous, self-motivated and funny as hell. 

As an independent radio station with charity status, we offer a living wage, a creatively stimulating work environment, and the opportunity to play a big part in the creation of bFM's sound.

Examples of new bFM creative will no doubt make your application stand out. 

We're also looking for a new Advertising Account Manager.

To help support this fiery world of innovation and discovery is a dedicated sales team, who sell radio advertising, sponsorships and constantly strive to increase 95bFM’s success and maintain our place as the best radio station in the world that ever existed ever.

We are looking for an enthusiastic sales star to join our dedicated sales team; someone who is aroused and excited by the creativity and originality that is 95bFM, and importantly, who knows how to communicate to clients what it is that sets us apart from eveyone else.

Sales experience is a must, and preference will be given to sales stars with two to three years being successful at selling.

Preferably you will:

  • Be a highly motivated self-starter,
  • Have excellent written & verbal communication skills, including proposal writing.
  • Have good organisational and time management skills.
  • Be able to meet targets and deadlines.
  • Demonstrate strong prospecting and client serviceability.
  • Have an inherent understanding that what you are selling is more than just radio, that 95bFM is a mindset that can extend across digital platforms, events and stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

Send your applications to