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Phoebe Bridgers - Georgia Lee (Tom Waits cover)

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95bFM presents Kirin J Callinan

95bFM presents Kirin J Callinan. Thursday, August 22nd at Galatos.

Kirin J Callinan fans have seen our fair share of ups and downs; in fact, you could say we’ve had an eyeful. But now, that’s all in the past. The legendary Australian flouncer is back with a new album: Return to Center. It’s a covers album, with everything from Momus, to Ultravox, to PiL, and it was all made in 14 days on gear purchased from, and then returned to, Guitar Center (see what he did there?). It’s pretty mint, and will be a treat to see live, so don’t be a drongo galah and grab tickets.

You can get them here.