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Border Radio

Border Radio with Bernie & Paul

Bernie Griffen or Deputy Paul bring you a piece of American Country and Blues each week. Border Radio... it’s the tear in your beer, it’s the whisky grit, it’s Border Radio.

Border Radio wIth Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 10th February, 2018 Border Radio, 10th February, 2018 , 216.08 MB
Sun 10 Feb 2019

Might have gone a bit rogue tonight. There's a Bob Marley song with some nice slidey guitar in it, so I played that. And Calexico played Echo & The Bunnymen's Killing Moon at their show, so I played that. And I played the very psych-border vibe of Dirtwire, and a cool song called Cowboy by Palo Santo, and an Australian band called The Mountains, played them. And Mary-Elaine Jenkins and Tori Forsythe and a new one from Julia Jacklin and that Sun Kil Moon song, Carissa, about his cousin. And a whole heap more.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 27 January, 2019 Border Radio, 27 January, 2019, 222.9 MB
Sun 27 Jan 2019

The good deputy brings you a selection of songs that are heavy on story. Including Paul Kelly, Robert Earle Keen, Frank Black and The Catholics, The Pogues, Evan Dando, Eilen Jewel and more. 

Border Radio with Bernie Griffen

Border_Radio__200119_1900.mp3 mp3, 221.3 MB
Sun 20 Jan 2019

Celebrating the annual Folk Festival in Auckland. Held at Kumeu showgrounds on Auckland Anniversary Weekend January 26 - 28th . Get into it. The programme and costs are featured on the Auckland Folk Festival website . If you look here you will find the costs , the players , events and chaos of the Festival.

Border Radio with Bernie Griffen

Border_Radio__130119_1900.mp3 mp3, 225.56 MB
Sun 13 Jan 2019

Bernie interviews Garth Cartwright the ex pat author of 'More Miles Than Money' . Garth takes the listeners for a trip around New Orleans underground music. 

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 9 December, 2018 Border Radio, 9 December, 2018 , 217.62 MB
Sun 9 Dec 2018

This was fun. The great cliches of rural american music: factory closures, no good cheatin', "i done a crime and will be hanged", "troubles I got - you have no idea mate", "this town is fucked, i'm leaving" and the classic "all my problems are solved by drinking to excess". As well as few songs about significant weather events and a couple of warnings that war is bad and love is a bit tricky.

Border Radio with Bernie Griffen

Border_Radio with Bernie Griffen Border_Radio with Bernie Griffen, 215.1 MB
Sun 2 Dec 2018

A selection of 60's and 70's tunes that are never forgotten. Also i speak to Finn Mclennan about promoting "Under The Arcade" a showcase of some of the best folksingers and songwriters which is happening at Whammy backroom and Wine Cellar this friday night Dec 7. Finn has started a label called Second Hand News which is also a folkmusic blog and he is starting to book tours and promote incoming overseas artist.

Border Radio With Deputy Paul

Border Radio, November 18, 2018 Border Radio, November 18, 2018, 220.5 MB
Sun 18 Nov 2018

All over the place tonight with a blast from 1974 Rory Gallagher, brand spanking new Mary Elaine Jenkins and Sarah Shook and the Disarmers. Some outlaw country that might have actually been a bit shit, Marty Robbins, and some sadly beautiful Slaid Cleaves. Billy Bragg and Joe Henry because Billy's here this week, and a nudge to The Eastern and a couple from Reb Fountain just because those folks are national treasures.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, November 11, 2018 Border Radio, November 11, 2018, 220.81 MB
Sun 11 Nov 2018

Swerving around a bit tonight with more than "both kinds" of music. Celebrating Delaney Davidson's shows over the weekend, but sadly the Roy Orbison CD gives up the ghost on live radio.  A bit of a Calexico vibe because (eeeek) they're coming early next year and some heavy stuff from Bohannons and The Sparrows. New Magic Factory release, and happy birthday Joni with Courtney-Marie Andrews, Shana May Cleveland and The Sandcastles, Jenny don't and The Spurs & Sarah Shook and The Disarmers. Plenty more too. Couple of mistakes in the set list - but thats what you get typing at the same time as playing songs on the radio on a Sunday night.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio November 4, 2018 Border Radio November 4, 2018 , 221.96 MB
Sun 4 Nov 2018

Had some fun with a show full of covers and standards. So you've got your classic In The Pines, Knoxville Girls, Oh Susanna's and Long Black Veils as well as Townes doing Bruce, Joe Strummer doing Bob Marley, Johnny Cash doing Soundgarden, Shovels and Rope doing the Ramones and a lady called Katy Melua doing The Cure's Just Like Heaven so beautifully that people were fizzing on the phone line. Tuck in and enjoy.

Border Radio with Bernie: October 28, 2018

Border Radio with Bernie: October 28, 2018 Border Radio with Bernie: October 28, 2018, 222.25 MB
Sun 28 Oct 2018

RIP Tony Jo White, passed away 76 yrs of heart attack. Much sadness! We play a selection of tracks from the master himself and his acolytes.